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GREEN Kill LightŪ XLR 250 (Extreme Long Range Tactical Rifle Light System) Price: $ 139.99
Kill LightŪ Extra Long Range Tactical Rifle Light. If you are looking for a heavy duty affordable long distance tactical light system for your rifle then look no further! This high powered green LED light has an effective range of up to 250 yards at an unbelievably affordable price! Take out those hogs, predators, raccoons, and varmints by turning your hunting rifle into a night time killing machine!

This Kill LightŪ XLR250 system comes standard with a rapid scope mount™, barrel mount with detachable ring mount that fits on standard tactical rails, dual station charger with AC wall and 12 volt car adapter, 2 pack of 10 year lithium rechargeable batteries, tactical tailcap with coiled cord and on/off switch, normal push button tailcap to make your light into a long range flashlight and complete instructions.

This light comes standard with a tactical tail cap with wire and remote mount on/off switch with Velcro but can be ordered with a tactical style wired remote pressure switch with Velcro instead. Just type in a small comment on your order stating the type of switch you would like to receive. Light also comes with a standard tail-cap with push button on off switch like a flashlight.

We are so confident you will be blown away by our lights that we offer a money back no questions asked guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our lights for any reason. Simply return the light within 45 days of purchase in good condition to us with a copy of your receipt letting us know you want to return the light and we will refund your money plus your shipping charges from us and to us! An actual real no risk guarantee, why? Because we know that once you use our light or just see our light in action that you will not easily depart from it!

The Kill LightŪ XLR250 is only 7 inches long and only weighs approximately 9 ounces with the battery(s). Our lights are made out of T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum with with a clear glass lens. There are no filters involved. We use a proprietary CREE LED that emits an incredible amount of green light through an extremely accurate and focused highly polished reflector to achieve our long range distance.

This LightŪ with our green LED will run for 2-4 hours continuous per battery. The light only takes one battery and you get 2 with the package so you will always have a back up. Extra batteries are now available and with even longer lasting 3,000 mAh ratings that will give you an average of 1 hour extra continuous run time over the standard 2600 mAh that come with this light package! This is the best light you will find.