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Kill Light, Feeder Light, Predator Hunt, Hog Light

 We manufacture the best hog lights, feeder lightshog hunting lights, bow lights, rifle lights, scope mounted lights, predator hunting lights, varmint lights, tactical lights, lasers, Kill Lights®, Kill Sights™, stabilizer mounted lights, scanning lights, driving lights and light bars you will find on the planet.  We back all of our products with the best customer service you will find! So whether you're looking for exclusive lights, tactical scope mounted lights, bow lights, hog light, varmint lights, rifle lights, tactical lasers, predator lights, pig lights, bow fishing lights, blood trailing & tracking lights, game recovery aids, archery sight lights, lighted arrow nocks, lighted crossbow bolts, camera mounts or just about anything else that is cool and has to do with hunting chances are we have it.


Check out our article, Hogs 101 or how to hunt hogs at night! We are the manufacturer of The Kill Light® Feeder Lights, The Kill Light® XLR100, Kill Light® XLR250, Kill Light® Shot Spot-R™, The Kill Sight™, The Adjustable Beam Kill Light® Blood Track-R™, illumitacks™ brand products as well as many other exciting new products being used in multiple applications such as game recovery, personal safety to law enforcement and military applications.  See The Kill Light® In Action! Click on the products above or the product name listed here to find out more about our Game Recovery and Safety System or our very popular Universal Bow Sight IlluminatorWatch our You Tube Hunts and become a FREE subscriber!

We stock several great archery lights, sight lights, flashlights or high powered 2 mode or dual mode LED bow mounted stabilizer lights. If you are looking for a hog feeder light, solar feeder lights, Hog Light System for hunting hogs at night then look no further! We now offer a bow lights for bowhunting after dark called the Kill Light® XLR100 Bow Light. The Kill Light® XLR100 is a light that mounts to your bow to put out a beam of light when you need it to get that trophy boar hog that until now you have been unable to kill. We also have economy feeder lights for attaching to your hog feeder or deer feeder as well as the FEEDLITE™ fully automatic hog light systems with heavy duty solar panels for the serious pig and boar hunters, just set it up and forget it. These products are great if you would like to hunt hogs or varmints at night by using a light.  For helpful tips on how to blood trail and track wounded deer or game, click on blood trailing tips above or click here.


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