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We offer The Kill Light® for $69.99 to a  fully  automatic self contained hog light system with solar panel for the serious hog hunter for $279.99! 

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How to get arted unting at night!
  The Kill Light™

         New for 2014! You have heard all the rave reviews and success stories about people using our Kill Lights™! Join the crowd and experience what you have been missing and become part of the action! Don't miss an oportunity! Ever wonder what lurks under your corn feeders after dark, but not enough to purchase an expensive hog hunting light or feeder light system?  Most hunters have at least one or more corn feeders they would like to try a hog hunting light on, but the initial investment for even one feeder light can seem more than its worth. If this situation sounds familiar then look no further. The Kill Light™ is here! See what you what you have been missing for only $69.99! This product will give you all the light you need to give you the edge to harvest that elusive boar, predator or varmint in your hunting area without breaking the bank! Don't just take our word for it. Go to a talk forum or discussion board and ask around and you will discover what everyone else is finding out which is our lights work and they work extremley well even the 1st time they are used!!!!


 Several years of testing, research and development have finally brought us the ultimate, affordable and portable feeder light for night time hog hunting or game observation! The Kill Light™ includes a built in photocell and can be self powered for several days and nights by either 4 C batteries (not included) or by using the built in auxiliary power jack with included power cord for attaching to a 6 or 12 volt battery to power the 24 special green LED's that will not spook game animals, predators, pest and varmints! Quickly and easily attaches one of three ways.

(1) Magnetically to your corn feeders barrel or control unit

(2) Can be hung with included quick disconnect clamps to your corn feeders varmint cage, tree limb, ect.

(3) Permanently mounts with the 3 included self tapping screws!

Simply switch the light on, slip into your stand to watch the show and kill something tasty!


The Kill Light™ can be manually turned on and off at the light in or set in auto mode so it only runs at night or you can purchase our optional 175 yard remote to remotley turn on the light.  Four C batteries can easily power the light continuously for several days and nights (On Average about 6-10 days and nights with enough illumination to night hunt) before needing to be replaced or you can utilize the lights built in power jack with a standard M size connector and included power cord with alligator clips which can be used to power the light with your 6 or 12 volt feeder battery or even a large car or boat battery. You can even add our optional remote control system to your Kill Light™ or a charge controller or a 10-20 watt solar panel to recharge your battery every day and power the light every night virtually maintenance free!  You can customize on your own by adding a remote control or solar panel when your budget allows but still hunt in the mean time even on a tight budget! This is how to make a home made hog light, pig hunting light or feeder light but still hunt now without breaking the bank! 

This product includes the following; Kill Light™, 3 self tapping screws for permanently mounting to your feeder, 4 quick disconnect clamps for easy quick attachment to a varmint cage, built in strong magnets for quick attachment and removal of light off of any steel surface and auxiliary power cord with alligator clips for connecting to a larger power source. Batteries are not included. Only $69.99! PATENTS PENDING  ( BUY NOW )


In less than a minute, you can have the simplest, brightest, most convenient, and versatile feeder light system on the market today at the unbelievably affordable price of only $69.99! The first time you try this light you will be amazed at how the hogs, raccoons, predators, varmints, deer and all other wildlife are not the least bit spooked by the special green light that emits from these LED's. Most all customers have great success the very 1st night they use them. Using any decent scope on the market today, you can easily see the animals under the lights. As with all hog light systems, having an illuminated recticle on your scope is not necessary but helps make out black cross hairs against a black or dark colored hog. If you are bowhunting you will need a bow sight pin illuminator to help aid in lighting your sight pins when drawn on an animal. For best results we recommended that the Kill Light not be placed further than 150 yards from the hunter, although several customers have still had great success at much further distances!  We now also offer a FEEDLITEfor the more serious hog hunters for $229.95. Check back with us soon as we are currently in the process of releasing several more versions of the Kill Light™ that have many different functions or join or e-mail updates list on the left hand corner of this page to be one of the 1st to get notified.

These feeder light systems are for hunting hogs, raccoons and other varmints after dark where permitted by law. Elusive Wildlife Technologies, LLP and its affiliates do not condone the use of these lights to illegally take game animals. Check with the local game laws of your state prior to purchasing. ( BUY Kill Light™ NOW! )

See the Kill Light™ in action! *Hunt was filmed with professional 3 chip high definition camera equipment with no other light source other than one Kill Light™ in complete darkness. What you will see on the video does not show how much light the Kill Light™ actually puts out. The entire feeder area is actually very well illuminated.

To learn more about hogs and or how to hunt them at night click here!

illumitacks LED Tacks Game Recovery and Safety System

      Elusive Wildlife Technologies, LLP is proud to introduce illumitacks™ Game Recovery and Safety System for 2013. This new and exciting product is a must for any hunter devoted to safely enjoying the hunt and recovering his game after the shot. Whether day or night, rain or shine, illumitacks™ keep you on the trail with six super bright, strong, weatherproof, magnetic, reusable LEDs (batteries included), six steel tacks, 25 foot roll of fluorescent vinyl ribbon, top 25 blood trailing tips and free window decal. This system comes in a compact, metal carrying case covered with velour for quiet, durable use.

 Attach illumitacks™ effortlessly to leaves, branches, trees, grass or any desired object when blood trailing to establish the animals line of travel to help you locate your game. Use on fence posts, barbed wire, trail entrances, and hunting blinds to easily locate hunting areas. Each included illumitack™ LED has an extremely strong magnet built in and another magnetic disc magnetically attached to the back of the LED, simply sandwich the desired object between the magnetic LED and the magnetic disc such as leaves, clothing, grass or other objects. Also attaches easily to metal surfaces such as barbed wire fences and included steel reflective tacks when objects such as leaves are not present. Picture at left is a typical dusk scene utilizing illumitacks™ and supplied survey ribbon on a blood trail that spanned a little over 250 yards! Illumitacks also keep you highly visible when placed on clothes, hats, or guns to ensure your safety while hunting, trailing, or traveling to/ from the stand. The illumitacks™ Game Recovery and Safety System retails for only $19.95. Never before has such an easy, convenient, and helpful system been put together at such an affordable price. Elusive Wildlife Technologies......Taking the Elusive Out Of Wildlife! To find out more about this great new product and others, go to our hunting products section, view our TV commercial or watch a product demo including 3 short hunts!  ( BUY NOW )

illumitacks™ IR Tacks

Some very exciting products that will be available this summer of 2013 are illumitacks™ IR TACKS, The Kill Light™ Pro and The BLINDSIDER™. Our infrared version of illumitacks™ were developed from request from multiple military and defense organizations needing a small infrared light with all the quality and durability of our standard illumitacks™ LED's. They can be used anywhere from personal night vision enhancement/illumination, local law enforcement, SWATT Teams to military target acquisition or just to provide the user with covert location identification. For more information about illumitacks™ IR Tacks contact us by e-mail at info@elusivewildlife.com or toll free at 1-800-780-6861.

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