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Archery Products - Lighted Arrow Nocks
Lumenok Lighted Signature Nock- 3 PACK GREEN   Price: $ 27.30
Lumenok – Signature Fits .245 ID shafts -
PSE: Carbon Force radial X
Easton: Lightspeed, Powerflight, Fatboy, XX75, XX78, Eclipse, Cobalt.
Carbon Express shafts - Terminator, Maxima, CX Hunter, Heritage, Rebel
Carbon Tech - Cheetah, Whitetail, Rhino, Safari
Carbon Impact -Fat shaft
Victory Arrows – V-force, X-ringer
Redhead - Carbon Fury

The Lumenok adds between 12 and 18 grains of weight to your arrow depending upon the model of Lumenok that you use. The Lumenok will work with any aluminum or carbon arrow that use standard ICS components such as Gold Tip, PSE Radial X Weave, Carbon Tech, Victory, Carbon Impact, Carbon Express, Easton and Beman. For small diameter carbons from Trophy Ridge and Easton, the Lumenok-X is available. Easton Epic arrows use the Lumenok-H. The Lumenok comes on when shot from your bow and stays on until you turn it off. The Lumenok is the brightest and easiest to use lighted arrow nock on the market, we guarantee it!

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